Do I need to remain in the lab during the day?

  • Yes, you must remain in the sleep laboratory for the entire duration of your 5-day stay. The stays are always from Sunday afternoon until Thursday evening.

Can I do work/study in the lab?

  • Yes, there is plenty of downtime in-between tests. You may bring paper-based materials or a hard drive containing your work. A computer (with no internet access) will be provided for you.

Where is the laboratory located?

When does the study take place?

  • Due to the recent developments with COVID-19, the study has been put on hold indefinitely in accordance with Monash University social distancing policies. This means that we cannot guarantee when the next intake dates will be.
  • However, the lab stays are always from Sunday afternoon to Thursday evening, a week apart.

Can me and my partner/friend be in the study together?

  • We do not allow couples to both participate in the study (i.e. only you or your partner may participate).
  • Friends cannot participate together in the same intake, but can participate separately in different intakes.

I’m not 21 yet, can I still be in the study?

  • No, you must wait until you are 21 in order to be enrolled in the study. If you are still interested in participating we are happy to take your details and recontact you at a later date once you have turned 21.